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Muscle & wrinkle relaxing injctions

One of the most effective and popular cosmetic treatments is the administration of a muscle relaxant called botulinum toxin type A to treat lines and wrinkles, hypertrophy of masseter muscle, headaches, and neck pain by causing temporary paralysis of muscles lasting for up to 4 months. Muscle relaxants are also used to diminish the intensity of excessive sweating.

Facial muscles are dynamic and move expressing our emotions, during speech or movement of eyes and neck. Facial wrinkles may appear as early as 25 years of age and worsen with age. This is caused by skin ageing and over expressive movement of the facial muscles whilst smiling, raising eyebrows, frowning, whistling or laughing.

Muscle relaxing injections using aim to relax muscles and wrinkles. The treated muscles become weaker and less prominent like when you discontinue exercising regularly in the gym. This results in smoother skin and can prevent dynamic wrinkles becoming static and visible even without movement.


Mechanism of action of botulinum toxin involves inhibition of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter in the injected muscle and temporary paralysis. The amount of the toxin used for this indication is sufficient to inhibit movement of the injected muscles without causing any systemic toxicity and is safe as long as the injector understands facial muscles anatomy and is trained and experienced to administer it safely without causing undesirable outcome.


Botulinum toxin is injected using disposable, sterile syringes with very fine needles into specific points on the face corresponding with muscles which movement causes wrinkles. Dosages may be adjusted depending on the strength of muscles. In some cases, higher dose may have to be administered which is more common in men.


The result will start being noticeable within 7 days after treatment and will last up to 4 months. Successful treatment will result in a relaxed and fresh look without any frozen facial expressions or loss of movement.

  • You can expect:

  • Relaxation of facial muscles

  • Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles like frown lines 

  • Reduction of wrinkles around eyes (Crow’s feet) 

  • Reduction of nose lines (Bunny lines)

  • Reduction of Gummy smile

  • Relaxation of Masseter muscle 

  • Nefertiti Neck Lift - Platysma Bands

  • Reduction of facial redness and excessive sebum production

Successful administration of botulinum toxin depends on the dose injected and the skills and experience of the injector, it requires knowledge of pharmacology and anatomy of facial muscles to assure a desirable outcome. It is a prescription medication and is a safe procedure as long as it is administered by a trained and experienced practitioner.

Eyebrows lift

Botulinum toxin can be used to correct asymmetrical or droopy eyebrows making eyes look more open and fresher.

Sad lines, Lip Flip, Barcode lines ( smoker’s lines)

Another common indication is lifting corners of the mouth. This treatment can help to make eyes look more open and fresher. Another common indication is lifting corner of the mouth.

Mini Facelift

Toxin is skilfully injected into specific facial muscles in upper and lower face resulting in fresher less tired look.

Square jawline

Jaw clenching results in hypertrophy of masseter muscle located in lower face above the jawline giving face broader, square shape which is less desirable in women. Relaxation of the masseter muscle using botulinum toxin type A can help to achieve more desirable triangular, heart shape of the face and reduction of symptoms such as pain caused by teeth clenching and grinding.  It usually requires 3 treatments every 4 months following which the muscle bulk becomes reduced resulting in more ovals shape of the face.

Gummy Smile

A gummy smile, is an excessive display of the gums when speaking or smiling resulting in perceived less attractive smile making individuals affected self conscious.

Want to know more about what's involved?

Check out our dedicated FAQ's page for everything you need to know about undergoing Muscle Relaxing injectable treatments at Eternal Clinic.

Micro-toxin injections (MicroTox) involve injecting micro boluses of botulinum toxin type A into the face using mesotherapy technique to diminish facial redness, oil production and fine lines. Combined with a skin booster made of hyaluronic acid this innovative treatment is great for prevention of ageing in younger individuals 

Nasal flare - 

Nasal flare during a facial  expression is normal.  Excessive nasal flare can  be improved with muscle relaxing injections into muscles that pull the nasal tip down and pull the nostrils laterally. The outcome is a temporary paralysis of these muscles and reduction of the nostril flare and more delicate appearance of the nose.

Nose tip lift-

The depressor septi muscle is a small muscle on the underside of the nasal septum, which is responsible for lowering the tip of the nose and constricting the nostrils. The action of this muscle can worsen the natural drooping of the tip of the nose that occurs with ageing. By administering muscle relaxing injections just beneath the septum of the nose it can produce lift of the tip.

Platysmal bands / Nefertiti Neck Lift - 

Platysmal bands are the vertical bands down the front of the neck and are responsible for the downward pull.  Injections of muscle relaxant using a neuromodulator are used to smooth out crepey skin, fine lines and to sharpen outline of jawline.  

Best wishes


Chin dimpling ( chin puckering) - 

Chin dimpling forms as we age due to fat loss in and around the chin area. They can also appear in younger people due to an overactive mentalis muscle or acne scars. As the chin is pulled up with the mentalis muscles, a dimpling effect is achieved. This is also known as peau d’orange or golf ball chin. Chin dimpling can be diminished with muscle relaxing injections. Other treatment methods include microneedling readiofrequency SylFirm X or collagen stimulating dermal fillers like Sculptra aesthetic or Ellanse M

Essential  - pre juvenation
Price £ 85-£175

Eternal Radiant /Glow  facial 

LPRX-T33 peel gel skin rejuvenation

Omega Hydrofacial 

OxyGeneo 4 in 1 Super facial 


2D AcneLase laser facial

2D Rosalase laser facial 

2D MelaLase laser facial 

Triple Wave LED therapy 

Advanced  rejuvenation £175 - £350

Muscle relaxing injections: upper face, mid face and lower face 

MicroTox - skin booster with neurotoxin

Skin boosters/ hydration/ polynucleotides 

Dermal filler injections 

Chemical Peels 

GlycoAla photodynamic therapy - acne and anti ageing 


3D Bright Light Tight laser rejuvenation  


Fotona SmoothEye - eyelids rejuvenation and tightening  


SylFirm X microneedling radiofrequency - facial redness, rosacea, acne scarring, pigmentation, melasma 

Premium  anti ageing £350 - £ 650 

Dermal filler injections : 2 mls

Sculptra / Lanluma 

Eternal GIFT Lift 

Eternal 6D laser facelift 

SylFirmX microneedling radiofrequency -  skin tightening



Initial consultation - 15 min free

Skin, mole consultation, laser patch test £ 50

Anti-ageing consultation £100

Client journey


Treatment plan


Follow up 

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