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Fotona SP Dynamis laser 

Fotona’s SP Dynamis is an award winning, high performance laser combining two complementary wavelengths.


Erbium:YAG (2940 nm)  - an ablative laser, ideal for brushing away surface imperfections such as lines and wrinkles, scars and stretch marks, pigmentation and benign skin lesions resulting in smoother, brighter more youthful complexions with a glow.  It performs non-ablative to fully ablative, superficial to deep, full-field to fractional peeling.  In addition, Fotona erbium:Yag laser has a unique patented non-ablative  Smooth™ mode for facial (eyelids, lips) and vaginal rejuvenation (vaginal dryness, loss of sexual satisfaction, poor bladder control )

NdYAG (1040 nm) a non-ablative, long pulse laser for skin rejuvenation and removal of vascular imperfections such as facial redness, dilated facial and leg veins, threadveins and spider veins.  Fotona Nd:YAG laser has 3 patented operating modes: FRAC 3®, VERSA® and PIANO. The latter causes slow bulk heating of the skin resulting in release of healing proteins and growth factors, stimulation of collagen leading to tightening, firming and lifting effect.  

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Eternal Signature Laser Facias  for common skin conditions and imperfections

AcneLase - 2 in 1 laser facial for oily, blemish prone skin with Acne breakouts and open pores

RosaLase - 2 in 1 laser facial for sensitive, Rosacea prone skin with facial redness and broken veins

MelaLase - 2 in 1 laser facial for dry, mature skin with pigmentation problems including Melasma

Bright, Light & Tight

Bright, Light & Tight - 3 in 1 laser anti-ageing facial treatment to brighten and tighten the skin whilst stimulating collagen production and  removing top layer of skin called the epidermis resulting in faster skin renewal and more youthful complexion.  


AcneLase is a comprehensive solution for acute acne breakouts and gentle but effective acne scarring revision. Laser beam penetrates skin selectively targeting overactive sebaceous glands and reducing future acne breakouts, inflammation and scarring. The latter is treated with skin resurfacing procedure using Er:YAG laser which is absorbed by top layers of the skin resulting in ablation of scarred tissue, stimulation of collagen production and remodeling of the skin.


Is a gentle non-ablative treatment using Nd;Yag vascular to diminish facial redness, beakouts and broken facial veins. By stimulating collagen production this laser treatment improves skin tone and texture and prevents rosacea getting worse.  In cases of Rhinophyma Erbium:Yag laser is used to vaporize overgrown tissue of the nose.


Is a treatment of pigmentary lesions including mild to moderate melasma using a combnation of Nd:Yag laser  targetting vascular component and Erbium:Yag laser targetting pigmentation

Laser Facelift


As we become older our skin becomes thinner, dryer, less elastic, pigmented and is lined with wrinkles.   This and the loss of facial volume caused by loss of bone and fat from cheek in the appearance of deeper folds, Marionette’s lines, jawling and tired look. 



Younger individuals in their 30s for prevention of skin ageing.  Older individuals in their 40’s, 50s, 60s for treatment of skin ageing like laxity, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, broken veins and skin sagging to achieve fresher, brighter, smoother and firmer complexion.

FOTONA 4D LASER FACELIFT® consists of four different laser modes at each treatment session to tighten, brighten and lift the skin of the face and lips in four steps:  show like Melalase and Rosalase this would be

Step 1: Intra-oral SMOOTH® mode.

The erbium laser “SMOOTH® mode” produces non-ablative, gentle, controlled heating of the tissue inside the mouth.  It results in firming, tightening and rejuvenation of the oral mucosa by shrinking existing collagen fibers and stimulation of new collagen production in the treated tissue. This lifts nasolabial folds, rejuvenates lips (LipLase) and reduces fine lines around the mouth.

Step 2: Pre-heating of the skin using Nd:YAG FRAC3®. 

This patented non-ablative laser mode gently but rapidly heats up the skin resulting in immediate, tightening effect and reduction of skin imperfections like fine lines, open pores, and pigmentation.  The heat generated by laser stimulates collagen production in the skin within 6 weeks of treatment.  

Step 3: PIANO

Mode delivers heat to the deeper layers of the skin resulting in more intense tightening effect and stimulation of new collagen production firming and lifting effect. This improves with the number of treatments and continues after the course of treatment was finished.

Step 4: Erbium SupErficial®

This mode is a gentle superficial laser peel to even out skin tone and texture and remove small benign blemishes.

Step 5: Nd:YAG VERSA® mode

Nd:YAG VERSA® mode is used to remove vascular skin imperfections like dilated facial blood vessels (telangiectasia), spider veins, cherry angiomas.  In addition, VERSA mode is used to treat skin acute skin breakouts in acne or rosacea including facial redness. 

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Eternal 6D Signature Laser Facelift

Eternal 6D laser facelift is treatment using laser technology resulting in tightening & lifting effect of the face, eyelids and neck through collagen stimulation, repair and regeneration of the treated tissue without destroying facial fat. Where required e.g. jowls or double chin special laser settings are used to penetrate deeper layers to reduce subcutaneous fat and define jawline. Minimum three sessions in monthly intervals are recommended followed by maintenance.  Eternal 6D laser combined with  facelift  can be combined with skin boosters, polynucleotides and collagen stimulating dermal fillers like Poly-L-Lactic acid or Polycaprolactone for a longer lasting effect. 

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Laser skin rejuvenation for Men

Fotona4D®Men is a laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation designed for male skin. Er:YAG and Nd:YAG lasers are used in a 4 steps  procedure using patented laser modes (SMOOTH®, PIANO® and SupErficial™) to improve the top layers of male skin as well as deeper layers without compromising facial hair growth. The result is an smoother, firmer, tighter and more youthful, healthy looking skin.  

Lips plumping & rejuvenation-LipLase®

LipLase is a non-ablative Erbium:Yag Smooth® mode laser treatment resulting in plumper, fuller lips without injections.  This unique treatment stimulates collagen production in the lips by delivering controlled heat.  For even deeper penetration and more intense collagen stimulation Nd:YAG laser FRAC 3 anad PIANO modes can be used with minimal thermal effect on the surface.

SmoothEye® eyelids rejuvenation & tightening

SmoothEye® is a non-ablative treatment using Fotona SMOOTH® mode treatment for tightening of the delicate skin of the eyelids and reduction of wrinkles around the eyes with minimal recovery time. This non-invasive cosmetic procedure requires a few treatment sessions resulting in an improvement of skin tone, texture, elasticity and wrinkles. 

This treatment modality can be combined with superficial cold micro laser peel or F22 fractional resurfacing. The latter is very effective in treating scarring after blepharoplasty. 

Vector Lift® - eyebrow lift

VectorLift® is a 3 step non-ablative laser procedure for elevation of forehead and eyebrows as well as skin tightening of upper eyelids and scalp through gentle, controlled heating of the skin and collagen stimulation.  The depth of penetration with VectorLift® preserves subcutaneous fat, which is vital for facial integrity. The procedure is not painful and allows on an immediate return to daily activities.


Fotona’s HaiRestart® is a unique and innovative, non-ablative Erbium:Yag SMOOTH® modality delivering controlled, gentle heat to the skin of the scalp resulting in release of growth factors and stimulation of hair growth without damage to the top layers of the skin.

Benefits of HaiRestart® include:
Prevention of further hair loss Increase of hair density and thickness Promotion of growth of new hair follicle No down-time

Significant Results and Highly Satisfied Patients

This modality can be combined with platelets rich plasma (PRP). Several clinical studies of HaiRestart® have demonstrated a significant improvement of hair growth along with increased hair density and a stabilization of hair loss.
The results of patients’ blind evaluation in one study (Day D. et al., 2021) indicated improvement in hair quality in 93% of patients, which was not correlated with age or AGA grade.
In step 4 OR F22 fractional resurfacing

SupErficial® mode is a gentle superficial laser peel to even out skin tone andexture and remove small benign blemishes. F22 is a more intense fractional treatment using a very précised computerized F22 hand piece.

Acne and acne scars 

Acne breakouts and acne scars are a challenging problem affecting people of all ages.  First line of treatment for these conditions is non - prescription and prescription skincare.  Laser and light therapy and in particular Fotona Twin Light technology using long pulse Nd:Yag 1040 nm modality for acute acne breakouts and an ablative erbium:Yag 2940 nm modality for acne scars is our treatment of choice.  By adding Triple Wave LPL LED  light therapy we are able to address all aspects of acute and chronic acne achieving faster improvement of the skin.

Snoring - SnorLase 

Snoring can be very troublesome for an individual affected and his/her partner.  Fotona patented erbium:Yag Smooth®  mode has been proven to significantly diminish the intensity of snoring through strengthening of soft palate through stimulation of collagen production in the treated tissue.  Number of treatments and maintenance will depend on the severity of snoring which can be evaluated using a snore app.  You and your partner will sleep better and feel more rested.  

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