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Essential - (change font and character to match Clarifying, Regenerative and Regenerative facials) 

Getting the most out of skincare products relies upon a good foundation of healthy skin, Our Essential medi-facials are designed for looking to maintain beautiful healthy skin and prevent ageing.  


Clarifying - Congested pores, breakouts or simply dull skin and pigmentation are common skin concerns. Our Clarifying facials target them gently and effectively

Rejuvenating - Rejuvenating range uses advanced technique to clarify, tighten and brighten skin and give it a more intense boost.  They can be done before a special occasion such as a wedding, a birthday party or a "Red Carpet" but are best booked as a course of treatments for longer lasting results.  

Regenerative - Regenerative medi-facials stimulate collagen production resulting in firmer, thicker and tighter skin. They are designed to treat most challenging conditions e.g scarring but are great as a prevention of ageing too.  

Eternal Promise - We have a duty of care to everyone of our clients to deliver safe, effective, skin treatments with proven efficacy. Results may vary due to a variety of factors including genetics, number of treatments and the use of recommended homecare. 

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Getting the most from skincare products relies upon a good foundation of healthy skin. Our essential Medi-facial range are specifically designed for those looking to keep their skin fresh and healthy with minimal downtime.


Before treatment you will have a consultation, skin analysis and a laser patch test if required. Based on your concerns and our findings we will determine which treatment is right for you. 

Skin Preparation

It is important to prepare the skin for treatment to guarantee an uncomplicated outcome with maximum efficacy. You will be advised to use specialist skincare and sunscreen before treatment. We may use numbing cream for 30 min before some procedures.


Treatment will follow appropriate protocol and will include an application of a specialist serum or skin boosters with polynucleotides and antioxidants. Each session will last 30, 45 to 60 minutes and will include a complementary lymphatic massage, and LPL Triple Wave LED therapy,


You will receive a Post Procedure Kit to use at home to assure speedy and uncomplicated recovery followed by skincare recommendations to use in between treatments. Avoid washing your face after treatment, applying makeup, sauna, swimming or exercise for 12 hours after treatment and use mineral sunscreen SPF 30+ daily reapplying it regularly. 

AlumierMD facials 

AlumierMD are luxury, medical grade facials  If you suffer from excessive oiliness, breakouts, congested, pigmentation problems or dry skin with fine lines these are perfect for you. Outcome: healthy looking skin with a glow and reduction in blemishes

PRX -T33

PRX-T33 is a rejuvenating peel gel for skin with pigmentation problems, dryness and fine lines.  It is made of 30%  trichloroacetic acid mixed with hydrogen peroxide hence ihas minimal downtime and no visible peeling when combined with recommended WiQ skincare for use in between treatments.  It helps to treat acne scarring, pigmentation problems and photodamaged skin.  It is recommended as a course of three 2 weekly treatments.


BioRePeel is a peel gel containing 35% trichloroacetic acid mixed with alfa-hydroxy acids (AHA), Vitamin C, Arginine and Riboflavin to exfoliate and regenerate the skin. It is often combined with microneedling, LED therapy for added biostimulatory effect. There is minimal to no  downtime. A course of 3 to 6 treatments recommended. It is good in the treatment of scarring, pigmentation problems and photodamaged skin. 

Microneedling (Collagen Induction Therapy)  

Microneedling is done with a handheld device called CollaPen or SkinPen equipped with a sterile cartridge of fine needles  which puncture  the skin at different depths ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 depending on the body part and indication. Main indications include: facial rejuvenation, scarring including acne, stretchmarks and hair loss. This treatment modality can be combined with an application of specialist serum Klaride, BioRePeel with brightening agents or growth factors from PRP to revitalise and brighten up the skin. A course of 3-6 treatment is recommended. In case of scarring more sessions may be required. Individual responses differ.  Downtime is minimal. After initial redness, mild swelling and tingling sensation, skin goes back to normal after several hours.

Eternal Microinfusion  

Microinfusion consists of using a special device with fine, gold plated needles which puncture the skin at superficial level creating microchannels whilst simultaneously releasing a specialist serum reich in hyaluronic acid, aminoacids, antioxidants or exosomes, The serum can be enriched with small amount of botulinum toxin to diminish oiliness, facial redness and fine lines. 

GeneO Super Facial 4 in 1

GeneO also known as OxyGeneo is an advanced facial treatment with four modules in one treatment session consisting of: (1) Oxygenation and Exfoliation.

(2) Tripolar Radiofrequency for skin tightening and collagen stimulation.

(3) Ultrasound infusion of nutrients and.

(4) Deep muscle massage. 

  • GeneO is suitable for all skin types and is fully customised. It uses OxyPod technology made of botanical, vegan ingredients. There is a choice of OxyPods to suit all skin conditions.  

  • Geneo Balance consists of charcoal to purify oily skin. 

  • Geneo Revive consists of red algae to revitalise dull skin and reduce fine lines 

  • Geneo Illuminate consists of vitamin C for brightening effect 

  • Geneo Hydrate consists of blue spirulina for longer lasting freshness and hydration 

  • GeneO can be a single treatment before a special occasion such as a wedding, a birthday party or a " Red Carpet " event but it is better booked as a course of 6 weekly treatments followed by monthly maintenance for longer lasting anti-aging effect.


HydroFacial combines gentle exfoliation, lymphatic massage and LED light delivered simultaneously. It uses vortex technology and 3 in 1 solution rich in fruity acids, hydrating and brightening ingredients to suck out impurities, clear and hydrate the skin. Suitable for all skin types it is perfect for both men and women.  HydroFacial lasts 30 min (express) to 60 minutes. It can be done as a one off treatment but is best to have three weekly treatments followed by monthly maintenance.

Vampire Facial

A vampire facial is suitable for all skin types.  Benefits to the vampire facial, include an improving skin tone and texture, reduction of fine lines and signs of aging. It is beneficial in acne scarring or sun damage.  Vampire facial is preceded by an application of a numbing cream 30 - 60 minutes before treatment and takes 3o minutes to administer.  Blood is collected and centrifuged to obtain PRP.  After microneedling PRP is applied onto the skin.  It should be left for the rest of the  day. Downtime is minimal consisting of mild redness, burning sensation and swelling which disappears the following day. 

Eternal Laser and LED light facials 

Our laser system Fotona SP Dynamis Pro laser system is a world leader in skin rejuvenation.  Suitable for all skin types and conditions including darker skin tones this non-ablative and minimally ablative treatment uses a combination of NdYag 1064 nm vascular laser and erbium:Yag 2940 nm with no to minimal downtime.  In addition laser heat stimulates collagen production reduces, fine lines and tightens the skin which looks rejuvenated, smoother and brighter with a healthy glow. you suffer from oily skin, blemishes, open pores, breakouts, facial redness, broken veins, sun spots and other types of pigmentation, fine lines and skin laxity. This laser treatment is for you. 

  • You will need a consultation and laser patch test before treatment. 

  • Treatment is painless as we cool down the skin with cold air during the laser treatment. 

  • Aftercare consists of using the recommended Post Procedure Kit consisting of a gentle cleanser, recovery balm and a mineral sunscreen SPF 40. Avoid washing your face and applying makeup for 12 hours after treatment. Use sunscreen daily and reapply it regularly in between treatments.   

  • You can have a one off treatment however it is recommended to have at least 3 initial treatments 1 month apart followed by  maintenance every 6-12 months. 

  • Outcome: clearer, smoother, brighter and tighter skin with a healthy glow.

2D RosaLase, AcneLase, MelaLase 

This laser facial consists of 2 laser modes Nd:YA FRAC3 or VERSA and SupErficial erbium laser peel in one treatment session. It lasts 30- 45 min inclusive of complementary LED therapy and an application of a specialist serum carefully selected depending on your skin type.

3D BLT (Bright Light Tight)

This laser facial consists of 3 laser modes Nd:Yag FRAC3 or VERSA, PIANO for skin rejuvenation and tightening and SupErficial erbium peel in one treatment session. It lasts up to an hour and is inclusive of a complementary LED therapy and an application of a specialist serum suitable for your skin condition.

Carbon Peel

Carbon peel or “Hollywood peel” is a perfect “Red Carpet” laser facial which deeply cleanses the skin removing impurities and oil.  Performed regularly it stimulates collagen production resulting in firmer, clearer complexion. Carbon peel is particularly good for oily skin with open pores and breakouts. 


It involves an application of carbon paste onto the skin followed by blasting it with Nd:Yag laser light providing enhanced level of skin exfoliation which is non-ablative hence the skin looks mildly reddened and not burned immediately after treatment. Such preconditioned skin absorbs antioxidants and exosomes much better into deeper layers making them more effective.  

Outcome: improvement of skin tone and texture, reduction of pore size and oil production by sebaceous glands and up to 90% improvement in acne scarring after 4-6 treatments. The skin feels smooth, plump and fresh.

LED Photodynamic therapy
  • Photodynamic therapy is a non-invasive photo-facial treatment combining the power of Triple Wave LPL LED and specialist serum containing aminolevulinic acid (ALA) which is activated by light. 

  • Outcome is more radiant skin, firmer skin with fewer lines, reduced pore size and oiliness. It is particularly good for oily, acne prone skin or an anti-aging treatment.

  • It is contraindicated in the presence of certain conditions and whilst taking some medicines which make your skin photosensitive to light. Make sure you mention it during your consultation.   



This cutting edge treatment involves an application of the serum containing ALA 30-60 minutes followed by 30 minutes exposure to LED light. You may feel a tingling sensation during treatment but this is transient and dependent on the severity of your skin condition.  Photodynamic therapy can be carried out on the face, neck, decolletage, arms and hands. 


Aftercare consists of moisturizing skin and using sunscreen SPF 50+ applying it regularly. It is recommended to have a course of three sessions one month apart followed by maintenance once a year.

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