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Forehead lines

are caused by loss of collagen and elastin fibers in the skin resulting in a loss of elasticity.  They may be horizontal lines across the forehead, frown lines and Crow's feet.  Contributing factors include sun exposure, smoking, drinking alcohol, dehydration and genes.  

Treatments include: good skin care, muscle relaxing injections (Botox), hydrating skin boosters or dermal fillers.

Under eye shadows / Dark circles

Dark shadows under eyes have multifactorial etiology including genetic predisposition, chronic irritation, and blue, reddish color of underlying veins and muscles among other factors.  Presentation: dark crescentic shadowing underneath the eyes, puffy eyes, hyperpigmentation, thinning of the skin, enlarged blood vessels, 

Treatments include:  good skincare routine with specialist eye products, skin peels, dermal filler injections - tear trough or hydrating and brightening skin boosters

Tear trough

is a procedure involving injecting dermal filler into the tear trough region of the face starting below the inner corner of the eyes going downwards towards the cheek. Tear trough is a normal anatomical structure which becomes more prominent as we age due to skin changes and facial volume loss. This makes under eye shadows more prominent and gives a tired look.


Treatment involves injecting hyaluronic acid dermal filler to correct hollow, sunken eyes, improve the appearance of dark circles, uplift and rejuvenate the skin around the eyes

Flat cheeks

Flat cheeks may be genetically predetermined. Most of the time flatness occurs with age due to changes to the skin, loss of fat and muscle tone  as well as  bony atrophy. Flattening of the cheeks deepens nose to mouth lines making the face look sad, tired and looking older than they feel. 


Treatment includes injections of dermal fillers made of natural hyaluronic acid or synthetic collagen stimulators like Poly-L-Lactic acid or poly-caprolactone which fill in the hollow areas and improve the appearance of the overlying skin.  Careful filler placement can significantly improve facial appearance both in men and women alike to achieve a more masculine or feminine look.

Nose to mouth lines

Nose to mouth lines ( nasolabial folds) are creases in the skin running on both sides of the nose towards corners of the mouth.  They are also called smile or laugh lines. The creases become more prominent with age contributing to a sad look.  Treatment involves injections of a suitable dermal filler which lifts the nose to mouth lines and diminishes the appearance of fine lines in perioral area.

Barcode lines

The ‘barcode’ lines also known as "smoker's lines" are little vertical lines above the upper lip. They are caused by thinning and loss of elasticity of the skin due to ongoing loss of collagen and elastin with age.  They are more common in sun worshippers and smokers although many non smokers have them suggesting genetic origin.  Facial volume loss caused by ageing around the mouth is a contributing factor.  


Treatments include injections of a tiny amount of Botulinum Toxin Type A to relax muscles contributing to the formation of barcode lines or injections of dermal filler into the lines and along the margins of the lips. This very minimal intervention can do wonders to the way you look and feel.     


Sad lines or Marionette's lines 

'Sad face lines' or 'Marionette' lines are folds that run downwards from the corners of the  mouth towards the jawline. These lines contribute to tired, unhappy appearance and loss of confidence.   Treatment includes injections of a suitable dermal filler to replace volume loss and hydrate the overlying skin resulting in an instantly fresher look.

Weak chin

Weak chin means that your jawline is not well defined.  It may also mean that your have a receding chin when chin curves back towards the neck. Causes include genetic predisposition, ageing, overbite, thumb-sucking. 


Treatments include dermal filler and muscle relaxing injections using botulinum toxin type A.   Dermal fillers enhance the appearance of the bony edge of the jaw and chin making it more masculine or feminine depending on gender preference.  This minimally invasive cosmetic procedure can be life changing because of its ability to change facial proportions by synchronising cheeks, nose and chin. 

Wide Jaw

Wide jaw is a common condition which may be genetic or acquired and is caused by over prominence of certain facial muscles making the lower face look more square and less feminine.  A contributing factor is habitual; or stress related teeth grinding or clenching causing hypertrophy of masseter muscle, headaches and teeth sensitivity.   


Treatment included injections of muscle relaxant such as botulinum toxin type A which paralyzes the masseter muscle temporarily and loss of its bulk which slims down the face and relieves other associated symptoms.

Irregular jawline

Skin changes and loss of facial volume contribute to the appearance of jowls the loose and fleshy areas of skin beneath the jawline contributing to irregular jawline and loss of facial contour.  start in our 40 s or 50 s although in same cases younger individuals may be affected.  


Treatments include skin tightening using radiofrequency or ultrasound technology as well as dermal filler injections to outline the contour of the lower face giving it a more defined look.  In mild cases injections of muscle relaxant like botulinum toxin type A can also diminish jowls.

Neck lines

Neck lines, or neck wrinkles get worse with age due to changes to loss of skin's elasticity and hydration.  Contributing factors include lifestyle, sun exposure, smoking and poor skincare routine. Some have horizontal line across the the neck which are genetically predetermined and can be visible in younger  individuals. Treatment include: good skin care products and sunscreens, skin tightening using radiofrequency or ultrasound as well as injectable treatments such as hydrating skin booters, collagen stimulating dermal fillers ( Poly-L-Lactic acid like Sculptra aesthetic or Lanluma)  and muscle relaxing injections using botulinum toxin type A (Nefertiti Neck Lift)

Crepey skin

Crepey skin is a sign of skin ageing due to loss of hydration and elasticity amid ongoing loss of collagen and elastin fibres.  It is more visible underneath arms, neck, decolletage, hands, chest, knees. 


Treatments include skin peels, hydrating skin booster injections with polynucleotides, collagen stimulating dermal fillers (Poly-L-Lactic acid like Sculptra aesthetic or Lunluma) and skin tightening using microneedling radiofrequency or ultrasound.

Droopy eyebrows - Brow ptosis 

Droopy eyebrows occur when both or one eyebrow is lower than expected.  It is a common sign of aging resulting in a tired appearance.  Treatment includes injections of muscle relaxant such as botulinum toxin type A to and /or dermal filler to the tail of eyebrows and diminish ptosis.  Skin tightening using  microneedling radiofrequency and hydrating skin booster for the eyelids are also an option.

Ice pick scars – small, deep holes in the skin that look like puncture wounds

Rolling scars – have railing appearance making the surface of the skin look and feel uneven 

Boxcar scars – round or oval craters in the skin

Abdominal fat 

Fat can accumulate under the chin, in the abdomen, breasts, neck shoulders, thighs and knees in both men and women. It is associated with consuming more calories and not getting enough exercise. Sometimes localised fat deposits will not disappear in spite of diet and exercise.  Abdominal fat can be visceral or subcutaneous. Visceral adipose tissue (VAT) is fat that is around the organs inside the abdomen. Subcutaneous adipose tissue (SAT) is fat under your skin (‘love handles’).


Stretch marks (striae) result from rapid stretching of the skin which may occur with obesity, pubertal growth spurts, pregnancy, or from other influences such as Cushing syndrome. They may fade away with time but they never disappear completely.  Stretch Marks are harmless but they can be aesthetically not pleasing affecting self confidence. 

Ageing hands 

Ageing is not kind to the hands.  It causes changes to skin tone and texture ( skin thinning, dryness, pigmentation, brittle nails).  This is caused by loss of collagen and sun damages over the years. This is complicated by volume loss of tissue under the skin resulting in hollowness and protruding veins.   

Masculine face 

Traditionally the "masculine" look is characterised by square jaw and / or pronounced cheekbones conveying confidence.  Masculine face can be achieved instantly using dermal fillers for facial contouring to enhance the cheekbones, jawline and chin.  

Feminine face 

Feminine face is oval or heart shaped, with a narrower, more pointed chin which accentuates this shape. Features are softer with more rounded contours. Dermal Fillers are one of the best ways to achieve changes

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