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LED photo-bio-stimulation therapy

The basis for the LED therapy is absorption of light by mitochondria resulting in biostimulation of various processes in the tissues. LED has been shown to have healing properties and is be used as an add-on after laser procedures, as a stand alone anti-aging treatment or an adjuvant therapy for acne, rosacea, pigmentation, scars and stretchmarks, skin inflammation, hypopigmentation including vitiligo as well as dandruff and hair loss.  LED  antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. It speeds up wound healing and resolution of swelling and bruises. 

Light is measured in wavelength and is expressed in nanometers (nm).  Different wavelengths have different chromophores and can have various effects on tissue.  Wavelengths are referred to using associated colors such as: blue (400-470 nm), green (470-550 nm), red ( 630-700 nm) and NIR ( 700-1200 nm). The longer the wavelength the deeper penetration into the tissus.  The various cell and tissue types in the body have unique light absorption characteristics, each absorbing light at different wavelengths.  Red penetrates deeper whilst blue acts more superficially

Triple Wave LPL LED

Triple Wave LPL LED consists of a new generation LED with powerful diodes consisting of three wavelengths: blue (415 nm), red (635 nm) and NIR ( 830 nm)  delivered individually or simultaneously at variable doses of power depending on the type of the treated condition such as:

  • Acne breakouts and scarring

  • Facial redness and breakouts in rosacea

  • Skin rejuvenation 

  • Scalp and hair rejuvenation 

  • Prevention and treatment of hair loss

Triple Wave LPL LED.jpg
Aesthetic photodynamic therapy.jpg

Aesthetic photodynamic therapy 

Photodynamic therapy combines the power of LED light and a specialist serum rich in aminolevulinic acid (ALA) which is activated by light.  It is used as a non-invasive anti-aging treatment or as an enhanced LED therapy for oily skin with acne or rosacea breakouts.  Skin after LED therapy is plumper and clearer. Three sessions one months apart are recommended for the desired effect.

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