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Anti-ageing, anti-wrinkle, skin treatments for all conditions and ages.



Some people feel that their outside appearance doesn't always match how they feel on the inside. We can help.

Why choose Eternal Clinic in Weybridge?


You should come to the experts. We're medics. We use science. We offer innovative combinations of the best evidence-based treatments with proof of efficacy - and the very latest methods and equipment. You're safe in our hands.

You’ll be happy with the wide range of anti-ageing treatments available - skin care treatments, our hair loss programme and health optimisation with IV therapy for example. Among many other treatments we use laser, LED light and Sylfirm X microneedling. All carried out in our discrete boutique-like clinic in Weybridge. We were finalists in Best New Clinic in the UK and Ireland in 2019 and also a finalist in the Safety in Beauty Diamond Awards in the Best Client Transformation and Experience category in 2021.

See the full list of treatments below.


When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything.

Because beauty is the reflection of an attitude

Eternal Eye Solutions

The delicate skin of the eyelids becomes thin, dry and wrinkly with age. Eternal Eye Solutions consist of laser treatments (SmoothEye, SylFirmX),  muscle relaxing  and skin booster injections  as well as growth factors from Platelets Rich Plasma to tighten, brighten and smooth out area around the eyes 

Eternal GIFT LIft

Global Individualised Facial Treatment combines laser face lift and skin tightening with dermal filler injections to diminish signs of facial ageing

Eternal Bride Solutions

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day.  Eternal bride solutions  focus on making sure that this is the case using luxury medical grade skincare, medi-facials, laser treatments, dermal fillers and skin boosters to diminish any existing imperfections and assure perfect skin with a glow.

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Treat your skin with the best treatment.

Initial consultation

Decisions about cosmetic treatments are not easy. With so many treatment options available it may not be easy to know  what treatment is best for you.  At Eternal Clinic you can book a free, initial consultation to talk about your concerns and find out what treatments we offer.

Skin or mole check consultation

There are many skin types and conditions. Not all treatments are suitable for everyone. During an in depth skin consultation you will be asked about your concerns, past treatments, expectations and skincare used at home. Your skin will be analysed and a treatment plan will be made depending on your skin type and condition.  We will be happy to recommend suitable skincare products.  

If you have a wart or mole which you wish to have removed, you will need to have a mole check first to assure that it is safe to remove it.

Aesthetic and anti-ageing consultation

Minor imperfections can have an enormous impact on self-esteem.  Minimally invasive aesthetic interventions have been shown to boost confidence and wellbeing.  Common concerns include imperfections of lips, nose, under eye hollows and shadows, poor contour definition, hair loss or concerns of an intimate nature. 


Ageing which is 3-dimensional, is associated with changes to skin tone and texture, loss of fat under the skin and reabsorption of bone. It all results in  under eye hollows, flattening of cheeks, deepening of nose to mouth lines, Marionette’s lines and loss of facial contour definition. The face look constantly tired and sad.  


During an aesthetic and anti-ageing consultation we ask about your concerns and carry out an assessment of the face or body part before suggesting a suitable treatment.  


You will have an opportunity to ask questions and consider your options. We believe in treatments which give natural looking results. You will look fresh not done.



Personalised treatment plan


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