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Our lead has special interest and experience in sexual function and dysfunction having worked in sexual health in the United Kingdom and abroad for many years. She trained at the Cellular Medicine Association run by Dr Charles Runnels in the USA the inventor of P-Shot® and offers the patented treatment recommended by him. Labial volume replacement (vulval puff) and vulval skin rejuvenation. Management of menopausal symptoms such as vaginal dryness, painful sexual intercourse, loss of sexual satisfaction. Sex & relationship therapy. Female orgasm & male erection enhancement. Removal of skin blemishes including warts, skin tags, unwanted hair and pigmentation (genital bleaching).


Female intimate treatments focus on rejuvenation of vulval, vaginal and perianal areas and include:

LASER VAGINAL REJUVENATION - FOTONA Smooth® Way to improve vaginal sensation and bladder control through gentle laser heating of the tissue, stimulation of collagen production and an improvement of tissue elasticity and hydration.

LASER AND CHEMICAL PEELS (PRX-T33 Lady) effectively deal with hyperpigmentation. A course of 3-6 treatments is requried in monthly intervals. This methods is suitable for skin typesinlcudig darker skine tone

LASER REMOVAL OF: moles, warts, skin tags, pearly penile papules using ablative erbium:YAG laser . It is a very precise and effective way to remove skin belmishes with no to minimal scarring.

LASER HAIR REMOVAL: bikini, hollywood, brazilian with the touch of Nd:YAG FRAC 3 laser is very effective and pain free in removing hair from intimate parts.

LASER REVISION OF SCARS AND STRETCHMARKS (episiotomy scar, caesarean section scar, post pregnancy stretch marks) is done using a combnation of vascular ND:YAG laser to adress vascular component of scar follwed by an ablative erbium:YAG fractional laser to diminish the bulk of scar and remodel it through stimulation of collagen production in the scar. In adition microneedling radiofrequency using SylFirm X Ultimate canbe used.

Intimacy can be affected by erectile problems in men and orgasmic dysfunction in women. There are many conventional methods to treat these problems including medical treatment sand sex and relationship therapy. You should consult your GP about it.

Platelets rich plasma (PRP) is an alternative for those who want to try novel, autologous treatment which is growing in popularity consisting of injection into intimate parts goodless from your own blood rich in growth factors to stimulate body to repair and regeneration.

P-Shot® involves injecting PRP into the penis to enhance quality of an erection and sensitivity in men. The procedure offered at Eternal Clinic follows protocal recommended by dr Charles Runnels from the USA who is the inventor of P-Shot®

O-Shot® involves injecting PRP to improve sensation and intensity of orgasm in women

Hyaluronic acid dermal filler (Desirial, Neauvia Rose) or Bio-Gel Filler are used to replace volume loss (labial puff), improve genital tissue hydration and reduce discomfort during sexual intercourse.


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