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Proud to be a keynote speaker at Dermatology 2020, Lisbon.

I'm super passionate about aesthetics and I'm often asked to speak or lecture at aesthetic conferences. At Eternal Clinic we have developed some unique aesthetic treatments and I'm happy to share my experience of my specialist interests with like-minded colleagues, to advance the industry.

I've recently presented lectures on vaginal rejuvenation, LED light treatments and IPR.

Conferences are a good way for an industry to come together and find solutions to common challenges that will benefit the industry as a whole. The networking and exchange of ideas that conferences facilitate do help to move the fast-moving aesthetics industry forward – and I've found that speakers have a critical role to play in that.

Last year I spoke in Madrid, London, Warsaw and Slovenia.

This month (February) I presented a paper at the 3rd International Summit on Dermatology in Lisbon. I spoke at the symposium on vulval aesthetics from a dermatology perspective.

In this presentation I talked about the similarities between facial and vulval aesthetics and how these days, preserving good looks is as important to the older generation who live longer and are active longer - compared to their parents generation.

I explained some of the secrets behind Eternal Clinic's signature Eternal Lift treatment which uses various combination methods to regenerate skin, mouth and vagina, resulting in a tightening effect, fresher look, improved body image and better sexual satisfaction.

I will also be speaking at Aesthetic Medicine Live 2020 in London Olympia on the regenerative properties of the Fotona erbium laser.

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