LED light treatment

Light  Emitting  Diode  (LED)  phototherapy  is  the  application  of  light  energy  to  tissue  to obtain therapeutic  benefits.  LED energy is used to improve cellular performance.  

Phototherapy  is  known  for  its  healing  and  anti-inflammatory  properties  and  has  a  variety  of applications  across  many  medical  fields.  Research  has  shown  that  phototherapy can increase circulation, accelerate  tissue  repair, kill  acne  bacteria, decrease  inflammation, improve  skin tone, texture  and  clarity, reduce/ease  muscle  and  joint  pain, stiffness, spasm and arthritis.

Blue,  red  and  near-infrared  are  the  most  commonly  used  wavelengths  in  LED  phototherapy. These  specific  wavelengths  are  well  researched  and  scientifically  proven  to  produce therapeutic  benefits.    Blue  penetrates  through  the  epidermis  and  is  known  to  kill  P.acnes bacteria.  Red  penetrates  into  the  dermal  layer  and  has  been  shown  to  enhance  collagen and  elastin  production  through  photo-biostimulation  of  fibroblasts.  Near-infrared  penetrates deepest  and  increases  micro-circulation  (tissue  repair),  decreases  inflammation  and  attenuates pain.


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