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Can we defeat the ageing process?

We all want to look good for summer. But can we defeat the ageing process? We start losing collagen from the age of 20, starting the creation of lines and wrinkles. There are a number of methods that we discuss here.

Environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation, pollution, nutrition and stress, play a key role in the way we look and feel. Research also suggests that a diet rich in sugar contributes to the loss of collagen in the tissues as the result of a process known as glycation, which can destroy collagen. Smoking can cause unsightly lines around the mouth, but this can be treated.

Sun exposure adds insult to injury and also results in the loss of elastin fibres, resulting in a condition known as solar elastosis with its yellowish, thick deep lines and wrinkled skin. A sagging, tired look and achy joints are only a few of the other signs of ageing which are most noticeable on the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

Remedies can include skin care containing retinol, which apart from removing layers of old, dead skin cells and promoting skin renewal stimulates collagen production. However, it can irritate the skin hence ask for advice how to use it.

Nutraceuticals containing bovine or marine hydrolysed collagen can help to rebuild your own collagen. Arthred, the bovine variety found in Totally Derma is highly bioavailable due to its tiny molecular weight and mixed with Synovaderma hyaluronic acid, synergistic antioxidants and minerals has been shown to increase collagen content in skin biopsies as well as to reduce joint ache and vaginal dryness. Skinade liquid is an example of marine origin variety and which has added vitamins.

Energy devices can stimulate collagen production by delivering energy to the skin, tightening it and stimulating new collagen production over time. Radiofrequency and ultrasound have been used widely to treat sagging skin, promising tightening and a lifting effect – but with variable results.

Devices differ in their efficacy and a device is only as good as the person using it. Beware of cheap imitations and make sure that the person treating you has had adequate training and experience.

My treatment of choice to promote collagen production in the skin and deal with other signs of ageing is a the use of a revolutionary, non-ablative, dual wavelength laser treatment known as 4D Facelift which is making waves across the world. It has with minimal down time. Treatments consists of: 1) Smooth mode – an intraoral collagen boosting treatment, 2) FRAC 3 - skin rejuvenation, 3) PIANO - skin tightening and 4) SupErficial peel - all in one treatment session.

Three sessions, one month apart, are recommended. A 5D Facelift has additional collagen boosting step for perioral lines and wrinkles if needed. A 6D Facelift has SmoothEye mode added to rejuvenate the skin around the eyes.

The first three steps are a minimum, with other steps being added or done alone. Full face and neck treatment can be done in one session, or you could have one area which needs it most treated, whatever your age.

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