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Laser skin rejuvenation can take years off your face, naturally.

Revolutionary laser skin rejuvenation is here to stay and the technology and breadth of treatments has been evolving at a rapid rate.

Skin resurfacing, skin tightening, skin peels or collagen‐stimulating SmoothEye, Liplase, 4D and 6D face lifts are only a few examples of new treatments which are effective and guarantee natural results with minimal downtime.

Acne, rosacea, scars and stretchmarks can all be minimised faster and better using the latest laser techniques when compared with other treatment methods. Removal of hair, age‐spots, pigmentation, skin lesions, veins and a reduction in snoring are among other indications that are available, including vaginal rejuvenation (which has been shown to be beneficial in cases of post‐menopausal problems in women like vaginal dryness, poor sexual satisfaction and stress incontinence).

All this has been made possible by combining two complementary laser wavelengths; Er:Yag and Nd:Yag in the award‐winning Fotona SP Dynamis equipment ‐ a world class aesthetic laser renowned for its precision, safety and efficacy.

Fotona Nd:Yag wavelength reaches the deepest layer of skin whilst Er:Yag brushes off skin surface imperfections to reveal a healthier, glowing complexion. Laser technology has come a long way over the years and these days adverse reactions are rare but may include slight swelling, redness or bruising.

Laser and other anti‐ageing procedures require careful planning. An experienced and trained aesthetic practitioner should carry out a careful assessment and will propose a bespoke treatment plan.

Some procedures may be combined, for example skin resurfacing or laser peel with an autologous therapy using platelet‐rich plasma (PRP) injections, sometimes known as the “Vampire facial”. By combining procedures such as these, enhanced skin rejuvenation and shorter downtimes are achieved.

Downtime after a laser procedure ranges from a few hours to possibly a week, depending on the severity of the signs of ageing and the intensity of the treatment mode.

TWILIGHT, SMOOTH, FRAC 3, PIANO, and TURBO modes are examples of different energies being prescribed, with the first being gentle hence a little down time ‐ and the latter being more aggressive, hence a little more downtime.

Fotona 4D facial skin rejuvenation (also called SmoothLifting) allows a full thickness contraction of collagen giving long‐lasting tightening of the skin and volumising effect, resulting in a reduction of wrinkles with minimal downtime. One can carry on normal daily activities like work and socialising after this procedure, making it a true lunchtime face lift.

For best effect three sessions, perhaps one month apart, are recommended.

Last, but certainly not least, is laser vaginal rejuvenation treatment which is ideal for pre‐ and post‐menopausal women whom may be suffering from vaginal dryness, stress incontinence or lack of sexual satisfaction.

So, if you have lines, wrinkles, dry sun‐damaged skin with broken veins and pigmentation or if, you need scars, stretchmarks or skin lesions removal, call me at Eternal Clinic in Weybridge on 07710 521619 to book an appointment or book online. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where information about our procedures will be posted.

Remember Spring, Autumn and Winter months are the best times to have laser treatments to reveal a brighter more youthful complexion.

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